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Look in the Mirror

This is hard. Sure, you thought maybe you might be thinning a bit, that maybe you might lose your hair one day. Now that day has arrived and you find yourself at a loss of what to do. Your daily ritual in front of the mirror is filled with confusing emotions and worry. And it gets harder and harder to face, everyday.

You’re just a regular guy but every day when you look in the mirror you feel less and less like you.

You have been taught your whole life to be strong, to be self-effacing, humble, to just roll with the punches. You’re not vain. You’re not some peacock or rock star. You’re just a regular guy but every day when you look in the mirror you feel less and less like you. You don’t recognize the person staring back at you. You feel crazy, you feel alone and sad and powerless, and let’s face it, a tad bitter. No matter your outward demeanor and your commitment to just suck it up, this thing is bothering you, eating you up inside and all that inner turmoil will eventually  undermine your confidence and strength.

How do we know all of this? All your secret thoughts and worries?

We have helped thousands of guys just like you. We have listened to the same story over and over again and we can offer you hope.

For more than two decades, Argyle has been offering guys like you non-surgical hair solutions in a confidential and discrete setting. The bad wigs and toupees that you imagine in your mind are artifacts of the distant past. Our skilled team will create an ultra-customized hair solution for JUST you using the most modern techniques and materials.

End this daily struggle with yourself.

Take action and get back to being you. Trust us, you’re worth it.

Hair Growth Treatments

Our experts research the most aggressive and effective pharmaceutical treatments available. We will customize a plan to help you effectively use these tools to improve your natural hair growth.

Non-surgical Solutions

Our non-invasive and customized solutions to achieve and maintain a natural full head of hair, allow you to continue your active lifestyle without on-going membership or contracts.

Laser Therapy

FDA-approved laser technology to stimulate hair growth can help anyone who has thinning or fine hair.

We use only the latest, and most affordable products available.

Free Consultation

Why are you waiting?
Let us help.

Contact us for a free and discrete consultation to help you find the ideal hair solution to fit your lifestyle.