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Look in the Mirror…

This is hard. You brush your hair every night and every night the brush is filled with more and more hair. You’ve tried, it seems like, every product on your stylist’s shelf but now your daily ritual is filled with confusing emotions and worry. And it gets harder and harder to face, everyday. 

As a woman losing your hair, you feel isolated and alone, unlike men’s hair loss, which is openly discussed, it seems like it’s some kind of shameful secret. You’re not vain, but hair and hair styling is so much a part of any woman’s identity that its hard to not feel, with every look in the mirror, that the woman you see there just isn’t you. You feel crazy, you feel alone and sad and powerless, and let’s face it, a tad bitter. No matter how strong you are, this unforeseen thing is eating you up inside and all that inner turmoil will eventually undermine your confidence and strength. 

How do we know all of this? All your secret thoughts and worries? 

We have helped THOUSANDS of women just like you. We have listened to the same story over and over again and we can offer you hope. 

For more than two decades, Argyle has been offering non-surgical hair solutions in a confidential and discrete setting. More than just wigs, we offer you ultra-customized hair solution for JUST you using the most modern techniques and materials. 

End this daily struggle with yourself.

Take action and get back to being you. Trust us, you’re worth it. 

Hair Extensions

Using the highest quality material and our expertise, our stylists offer you a personalized and beautiful solution to lengthening and filling out your natural hair.


Top quality customized hair systems that fit you perfectly. We can help find a better fit and customize wigs you already own and help freshen them up for increased wear.

Brazilian Blowout

An intense protein pack that thickens and strengthens hair, our system allows you to grow your hair longer and more quickly by stopping breakage.

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